About EarthView3D:

EarthView3D is a research project currently underway at the Canada Research Chair in Advanced Geomatics Image Processing (CRC-AGIP) lab.

About CRC-AGIP Lab:

CRC-AGIP is at the Department of Geodesy and Geomatics Engineering, University of New Brunswick and is under the direction of Dr. Yun Zhang. The goal of the CRC-AGIP lab is to develop new technologies for gathering geospatial information from remote sensing imagery. Several technologies developed at the lab have been licensed to world-leading geomatics companies and Dr. Zhang's automated image-fusion technique is being used across five continents by leading organizations including NASA, Google Earth and the Department of National Defence.

Some of the lab's past and present research activities are:

Web Mapping Research Activities:
Selected Geospatial Research Activities:
For more information about the CRC-AGIP and the labs research activities, refer to CRC-AGIP website.