the Earth in Stereoscopic 3D

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Our Work

We use our patent pending technology to generate stereoscopic satellite imagery and line map which can cover the entire globe. Our current data set covers Canada, US (including Hawaii and Alaska), China, Japan, Korea, Nepal, and Switzerland. More country coverage will be available in the future.


Innovative Technology

Our EarthView3D application supports the popular NVIDIA 3D Vision and Anaglyph 3D technologies. With our innovative technology, not only satellite imagery, but also common map information are in 3D. Unlike traditional perspective 3D technology, everything you see in our EarthView3D viewer is just like the real thing!




Stereoscopic 3D maps provide a more intuitive user experience than 2D or perspective 3D maps. Potential applications include but not limited to: battlefield tactical assessment, border patrol, disaster relief assistance, flight simulation, road trip planning, natural wonder exploration, geography education, or simply exploring the beauty of the earth in 3D.


Contact Us

If you would like to see more areas not currently covered by our data set, or have a great idea to make the EarthView3D application even better, please feel free to contact us.